Mens Bracelets

Discover Lukze's handmade bracelets for men. Lukze strives to create elegant men’s jewelry, combining subtle colours and exquisite gemstones. We focus on stylish, luxurious, and unique designs that are prominently masculine. Premium materials are used in our production process such as custom made .925 Sterling Silver Closures, A-Grade Gemstone beads, Rose Gold filled, real 9ct Gold and Cubic Zirconia Diamonds encrusted in 925 Silver beads. Our jewellery designs come in a variety of styles; notably our most popular Shamballa bracelets. Complete your outfit with a bold, eye-catching bracelet accessory that leaves a long lasting first impression.

Discover Lukze's premium handmade bracelets designed for the modern man with distinctive taste. They focus on unique, bold and eye-catching designs that are prominently masculine, showcasing beautiful colors from exquisite high-grade semi-precious gemstones. Their most notable design is the Shamballa bracelet created with an ancient Macramé braiding technique featuring a fully adjustable slipknot closure. It is the modern statement jewelry piece that we have been waiting for: eye-catching, exceptional quality, extremely durable and a truly luxurious feeling.

Lukze: “We strive to create the best possible bracelets because we too, like you, have a taste for the luxurious”.

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