Diamond Bracelets

Premium 8mm Gemstone Bracelets combined with 925 Sterling Silver and an adjustable slip knot closure system for the ultimate stand-alone accessory.

Solid 925 Sterling Silver Pyramid accents each encrusted with 32 Cubic Zirconia Diamonds and plated in 5 micron thick Gold.



The Pyramid Shamballa mens bead bracelet is perfect as a stand alone statement bracelet for the modern man with distinctive taste. Your premium semi-precious bracelet is hand braided to your desired size ensuring a comfortable fit. We use professional quality nylon cord which is aesthetically bold and extremely durable. There are various quotes of 'what makes the man' drifting through media today but one thing that is sure to differentiate you is one of these bracelets. Why? We strive to create the best possible bracelets because we too, like you, have a taste for the luxurious and we have no intention of being a part of the mainstream crowd.

The beautiful A-Grade natural gemstones paired with these magnificently reflective Cubic Zirconia diamonds will attract eyes wherever you go, making you the envy of everyone.

Do you have the courage to stand out and be admired for wearing such a bold, unique and characterising piece of jewellery? 


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